Map & Answers


Didn't make it to every spot? Don't are the answers to all of our clues!




1) Jelly Modern Doughnuts - What has no beginning, end, or middle? You might want to eat me so deep fry this riddle.


2) Global Cheese Shoppe - Take a taste and start chewing. Say cheese and keep moooooving!


3) Snakes and Latte's - Slither on over and find your favourite game, you won't have time for coffee, but you will be entertained.


4) 54 1/2 St. Patrick Street (Half House) - Missing your other half? This dwelling feels the same. Don’t let it be lonely while playing this game.


5) The Ballroom - Can you spare a moment? I'll pick up the mic. You dance to my music and together get a strike.


6) Prairie Girl Bakery - Little house on the prairie, a show you may have seen. But little's not the right word here.... if you know what I mean. So some on over, for a sweet treat. To get a whole one in your mouth would be quite a feat.


7) Wanda's Pie in the Sky – 22 divided by 7 and you’ll find yourself in heaven. You’ll be on cloud 9 with this sugary find.


8) CAMH Wall – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest could have been filmed here, hours of labour to lay tier after tier. As a modern institution, it is helpful to many, but the wall still stands since before the twenties.


9) Flat Iron Mural - You can't iron out the wrinkles all along the back, this building is so skinny and the walls already flat.


10) Steam Whistle Brewery - Chugga chugga woo woo, chug chug woo. Don't get too tipsy on this tasty brew.


11) Courthouse Square - Hang around the square, but don't stay too long, this could be your end, like a ghost you'll be gone.


12) Mural Wall (Big Fat Burrito) - Hungry for a bite? The boys have heard your call. Join the pen15 club, count the members on the wall.


13) Graffiti Alley Toronto - This is the place celebs come to rant, and the street style round here could compete with Rembrandt.


14) Elgin Winter Garden Theatre – If you like the stage, you’ll be at home right here, but you won’t be forced to sing and dance, no need to have that fear. So head to the box office, you’ll get another clue.

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