Here you will find all the important information you need to know to have a safe and fun

Off the Beaten Path experience with us.

General Rules and Regulations

  • Teams may not separate for any reason

  • Smart phones and maps are allowed (each team will be given a city map and list of locations)

  • Each team must arrive on time to the final location

  • One person on each team must have a fully charged cell phone with Instagram capabilities

  • Teams must upload photos to Instagram using the hashtag “‪#‎HiddenTO‬” and your team name.

  • Teams must include a comment or caption stating the number and/or letter of the clue/activity they are uploading.

  • Only one photo can be submitted per location/clue.

  • OTBP will be tracking photos as they are uploaded in order to allot points. Photos that are not properly uploaded or tagged will not be counted.

  • All decision made by the judges and/or OTBP coordinators is final.

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