After Party

Location - Imperial Pub Library Lounge

Our after party will be held from 3-5pm at the Imperial Pub Library Lounge. A true unique spot located in the heart of downtown Toronto!


There will be food, live entertainment, and foozeball and pool to play while we tally points and choose the best photos of the day.


Prizes will be awarded around 4 pm to the teams with the most creative photos and to the teams that have accumulated the most points!

We have lots of awesome prizes that have been donated by businesses throughout the city.

Check out our sponsors page to see some of the great places that are supporting this event.


Live music - Pat LePoidevin

Born of a sleepy mountain town in British Columbia and built in equal parts by Scotland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and the Yukon, Pat LePoidevin is a songwriter strongly influenced by community. With an extensive songwriting resume and four albums to his name, LePoidevin has built a sizable fan base on relentless touring and standout performances at some of Canada’s most prestigious music festivals, including the Dawson City Music Festival and SappyFest. On stage, LePoidevin is like a warm light filtering through cold windows to frozen streets. His powerful, melodic vocals bring life to his songs. With friends and fans across the country, LePoidevin is at home wherever he is playing.


Off the Beaten Path team is very excited for his performance!

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